Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Taming the Flood of Knowledge

I tend to browse many news sites, articles and streams from other people, many times I mark things for later reading. My toread and toblog bookmarks on del.icio.us are reaching 168 and 105 respectively, this is one of the reasons I implemented my del.icio.us blog posting and now populate the notes field with text which describes the value I believe the article can bring and what led me to read or start reading the article.

The problem with this is that when it is posted to my FaceBook page, or other RSS posting streams, that it easily floods all the other relevant information. I'd already instigated a limit on the number of items posted to my FaceBook and Twitter by creating a links stream which contains almost all the information I like and most of the information I bookmark and share.

This means my main accounts are less busy, still there is much information which is not relevant to my customers, who I doubt care about the kudos I am sending in the way of the Social Media and Internet Evangelists who influence me and who certainly don't care that I liked individual Questionable Content comics.

So for my company Twitter and now also for my company FaceBook Page (Special Brands FaceBook) I've come to reduce the links I share with my followers there by following not the entire del.icio.us stream, but only the items I tag with "specialbrands". (I've explained globally how to do this in the article: Digg with del.ico.us and Reddit.)

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